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Walgreens and CVS now sells (inferior and expensive) CBD

Posted by: Colorado Body Divine

Walgreens and CVS are now selling CBD

You may have heard that Walgreens and CVS are now selling CBD in certain states, including Colorado. This could be good or bad for the CBD industry. Retail giants selling CBD may increase the credibility of CBD in the public eye. However, selling ineffective and expensive CBD to consumers may result in people losing faith in CBD. This would most likely cause consumers to return to pharmaceuticals for relief.

While it is exciting that CBD is now legal in certain capacities, it is important to remember that CBD is not regulated and consumers must be savvy when choosing their CBD. Here’s what you should know if you are considering taking CBD, whether you intend to replace a pharmaceutical, improve your sleep or mood, improve workouts and workout recovery, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, assist in addiction recovery, or all of the above!

What makes CBD effective?

Cannabinoids and terpenes working together! There are over one hundred cannabinoids and several terpene profiles in the hemp plant. Each cannabinoid and terpene has a different property and benefit. If you purchase a CBD isolate, there is only one specific cannabinoid present in the CBD, meaning you could only experience one benefit. Colorado Body Divine’s True Spectrum™ CBD contains all available cannabinoids and terpenes available in the help plant, meaning you may experience a myriad of benefits.

How is the CBD made?

Most consumers do not know that mainstream CBD extraction methods (CO2 and solvent/alcohol) destroy most of the hemp plant’s beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Even worse, these extraction methods yield CBD that contains trace amounts of alcohol and/or chemicals. If you are not careful, you may purchase poor-quality ineffective CBD that contains residual chemicals.

Colorado Body Divine’s patented extraction method leaves all of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes intact – without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents.

Where is the CBD made?

The origin of CBD sold at Walgreens or CVS is unknown to us. Conversely, Colorado Body Divine is a small local business, owned and operated by women. Our hemp comes from an organic farm in Fort Collins, Colorado. From seed through extraction, our CBD is treated with the utmost love and care. Colorado Body Divine’s CBD is tested for quality and purity. Milligram for milligram, our CBD is more concentrated with cannabinoids & terpenes and, therefore, more effective than any other CBD on the market.  We are proud to offer the best available CBD on the market at a very good price. We are on a mission to make CBD more accessible to the everyday consumer, and to ensure the product is safe and as effective as possible. We want to help people replace their harmful pharmaceuticals with a cleaner and more effective alternative.

Does CBD work?

Approximately one year ago, I became interested in CBD. I have never been big on taking medicine, and I heard that CBD could be used as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. I was having trouble sleeping and suffering from depression after the loss of a very close loved one. I reached out to Sarah Timmons, President of Colorado Body Divine, for some guidance.

Sarah founded Colorado Body Divine years ago when she discovered the best quality CBD on the market, made with hemp grown at a sustainable organic hemp farm in Fort Collins, Colorado, and extracted using Vapor Distillation. Confident I had found a great product, I started taking CBD daily before bed.

I noticed an improvement in sleep immediately, but it took longer for my mood to improve. I was very thankful for Sarah’s guidance regarding dosage and expectations. She explained that although I may start to experience certain benefits from CBD immediately, it would most likely take months of daily use for my mood to improve because it would take time for the CBD to build up in my body.

Does the CBD company provide guidance and recommendations?

Because of Sarah’s guidance and Colorado Body Divine’s high quality CBD, I am proud to say I use CBD instead of an anti-depressants or harsh pharmaceutical sleep aids. My life has improved drastically and I am living proof that CBD is effective if you use it properly and find a high quality product.

It is very important for a CBD company to provide guidance to the consumer in terms of dosage and expectations for using CBD. I did not see anything on either CVS or Walgreens’ website about this, which makes me worry that these retail giants are not educating the consumer on what to expect, and how to properly use CBD. When consumers start taking CBD, if it is not effective for them, it reduces the legitimacy of CBD as an effective alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals.

We are here to help!

Above all, consumers should do their research and choose an effective, clean CBD made from organic hemp. If you are considering taking CBD but you have questions or concerns, please reach out to our team or talk to your doctor. If you think you may be able to replace any of your pharmaceuticals with CBD, it may help to improve your life drastically. Be a smart consumer and support local business – choose Colorado Body Divine!