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Three Questions to Ask when Choosing CBD

Posted by: Colorado Body Divine

CBD is a booming industry, and CBD companies are popping up everywhere you look. Those already using CBD, and those considering CBD for the first time, have an overwhelming number of products and companies to choose from.  Because CBD is not regulated by the FDA, consumers must be savvy when deciding what CBD to choose! By asking three simple questions (and knowing what the answers should be!), consumers can make a CBD choice they can feel good about.  Read on to learn what three questions you should be asking:


1. How is the hemp cultivated?  Answer should be ‘ORGANICALLY’


Some hemp farmers use pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides on their crops. Hemp is a very absorbent plant and retains large residual amounts of these harmful chemicals. These chemical residues end up in your CBD extract, and therefore, your body (yikes!).

Choose a CBD made with organic hemp! Colorado Body Divine uses hemp grown in Colorado’s first USDA certified organic hemp farm. We use ladybugs to combat aphids, and remove infested plants along with the surrounding plants to eliminate the transfer of plant ailments like fungus and mold.

Colorado Body Divine’s hemp plants are hand picked by an on-staff geneticist to ensure the cultivation of the best hemp possible. 


2. How is the CBD expressed?  Answer should be ‘VAPOR DISTILLATION’


Most CBD companies use CO2, ethanol, alcohol, or other harsh solvents to extract CBD from the hemp plant. These methods yield low-quality CBD that may contain chlorophyll or other harsh residual chemical solvents or high levels of carbonic acid, which can create a sour flavor. 

Colorado Body Divine’s CBD is made by gently evaporating cannabinoids and terpenes from the surface of the hemp plant using heated air. This creates a vapor, which is collected and condensed. This patented extraction method yields the purest and high-quality CBD with no residual chemicals.


3. How is the CBD activated?  Answer should be ‘WITHOUT THE USE OF PROLONGED, HIGH HEAT’


In order for our bodies to absorb CBD, it must be converted from CBDA to CBD. Most CBD companies expose their CBDA to high temperatures for approximately 45 minutes to convert CBDA to CBD. Exposure to prolonged high temperatures kills many of the plants terpenes and cannabinoids, lowering the overall effectiveness of the extract.  

Colorado Body Divine’s CBDA extract is heated for two seconds or less to convert CBDA to CBD naturally. This method leaves all of the plants beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids intact. Terpenes are necessary to experience the full effect of CBD and other cannabinoids. Each terpene and cannabinoids has a unique property and benefit. When combined, terpenes and cannabinoids work together to create a powerful entourage effect. 

Colorado Body Divine is proud to offer True Spectrum™ CBD – the most potent and clean CBD on the market. From seed to extraction, our CBD is truly organic and chemical free. If you are considering CBD, make sure you get the best available product on the market – for a very competitive cost – from Colorado Body Divine.  Visit us for the best CBD on the market at!