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Sarah Timmons
Sarah Timmons
Sarah Timmons is the founder and president of Colorado Body Divine. Sarah is a Colorado native passionate about natural healing, and the decrease of society’s dependence on big pharma. Sarah also strives to leave a legitimate, lasting CBD legacy for her two young daughters.
Molly Damrow
Molly Damrow
Vice President
Molly has been the Vice President of Colorado Body Divine since 2018. Molly has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Paralegal Certificate from the Community College of Denver.
While attending the University of Colorado, Molly took Business and Biology courses. This sparked her interest in organic chemistry, and fueled her ambition to run a company in the future. Molly is extremely excited to be a part of this amazing company.

Molly strives to make CBD affordable for all, and is passionate about providing superior CBD products made with only organic ingredients that contain no residual solvents. Molly understands the importance of a clean and effective CBD product, especially among so many other companies who do not use organic hemp and whose products contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Molly knows firsthand what CBD can do to improve lives. After Molly tragically lost a family member to the opioid epidemic in 2017, she had issues sleeping and struggled with debilitating depression. Molly started using Colorado Body Divine’s CBD and experienced improved sleep almost immediately and relief from depression in a few months. Molly’s personal experience drove her to spread the word about Colorado’s best CBD, and to become the Vice President of Colorado Body Divine.

Molly is passionate about helping others improve their lives in any way possible. She is involved with several charities, including the Cupid’s Charity which raises money to find a cure for Neurofibromatosis. Molly strives to help people replace their prescription medication with CBD whenever possible, especially harmful and addictive opioids.

Molly believes a company should help improve the lives of their clients in a wholesome and ethical manner to improve society, and that this may accomplished by providing a healthy alternative to harsh medications. Molly also strives to help those who are struggling with addiction, and believes CBD can be a powerful ally on the road to recovery.

Molly enjoys visiting addiction therapy groups and support groups for medical ailments to share her personal experience and discuss how CBD may be used to improve lives. Molly truly believes CBD can help those who are struggling. Molly also believes adding CBD to a current wellness routine can do wonders for the body and mind.

If you would like to ask Molly to come speak with one of your groups, please use the contact form below to get in touch.

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